Many companies are advertising cheaper DNA tests and faster results. Sometimes, they are too good to be true. It is crucial to choose a company that you can trust.

For over the years of experience, DNA JAPAN, Inc. remains as the reliable choice for private, legal professions, and immigration clients, and businesses across all sectors and providing the highest standards in laboratory testing, with the latest technology, strictest quality control and unprecedented service and reliability.

The trust that our clients give us is what motivates us to continue on giving excellent results and services. We guarantee high accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality that our clients deserve.



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Every one of us is looking for peace of mind and because of that we have DNA test. DNA testing is the most advanced and reliable way to prove biological relationship between a parent and child. This test will help you acquire peace of mind, solve disagreements, and answer all your questions and doubts. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our services.


¥ 27,000.00

  • Personal and private use
  • 99.999999% maximum accuracy rate
  • 5 business days


¥ 58,000.00

  • Personal and private use
  • 99.999999% maximum accuracy rate
  • 10 business days


¥ 50,000.00

  • Personal and private use
  • 99.999999% maximum accuracy rate
  • 5-7 business days
Non-Legal DNA Test

The main purpose of this test is to show whether you and your child are biologically related or not; it cannot be used in any court matter (not legally admissible).

Legal DNA Test

This test can be used for immigration, child custody/support and other legal issues (divorce, separation, etc.) in any court proceedings.

Infidelity Test

Are you suspecting that your spouse is cheating on you? Are you curious if an unknown stain contains semen? Contact us for more details regarding our Semen DNA Test.

ABO Blood Typing

This test is used to find out what specific blood type you have without drawing out blood from your veins. This can be determined by analysing buccal cells that can be found inside our mouth.

Grandparentage DNA Test

If the alleged father is deceased, unknown, or unavailable for DNA testing, the grandparents can be tested to prove if the child is related to the alleged father.

Bloodstain DNA Testing

Suspecting a blood stain residue? Contact us for more details regarding Bloodstain DNA Testing.

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DNA Japan, Inc. is dedicated to provide you an international quality of DNA testing.

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DNA Japan, Inc. Business Opportunity

Earning money and gaining profit sre two of the important objectives in becoming a reseller. With DNA Japan, Inc., we offer business opportunities that can expand your business and help you increase your revenues; reselling a popular start-up entrepreneurial opportunity for small businesses. All you need to do is to offer our DNA Paternity Test and other DNA services we offer.

Becoming a reseller

With the growing demand for DNA Paternity Services worldwide, you can increase your income and expand your business by being our reseller. Our services are guaranteed to be discreet and confidential, with a very low cost for maintenance. Also, you can manage your own time and people. Inquire now.

How to become a reseller

Communicate with our account managers for the guidelines in filling up of the application form and have a date scheduled for an orientation. You may already start promoting.

Why DNA Japan, Inc. is perfect for you and the expansion of your business

DNA Japan, Inc., in collaboration with our parent company – Analysis Laboratory of Forensic Science, Inc., has been providing quality DNA services since 2000. Through the years, we have been trusted and well-known for our commitment and integrity in providing excellent DNA services to our clients. With our strategic location at the heart of Tokyo, and the increasing demand for DNA testing services, we are receiving more than a hundred cases every month. We offer the best quality services to our clients with a 99.999999% maximum accuracy result.

About Us

We have established our branch in the Philippines in 2015 and our newly opened branch in Thailand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to do business with honesty and integrity. We focus on giving our clients an international standard of DNA testing and provide them with the fulfillment they deserve.

Company Overview

In the past 15 years, DNA Japan, Inc. has achieved and delivered outstanding DNA testing services for legal professionals, private sectors and the public. Until now, our company is continues to serve you as one of the most trusted laboratories in the country. Our company, together with our laboratory technicians, is dedicated and prides ourselves in offering high quality, accurate, and confidential, friendly services to each and every client. We also collaborate with the Japanese police authorities who entrust us a wide variety of projects and support cases to help them in both forensic and legal investigations. In addition, our company corresponds to the procedures and requirements necessary in court, immigration cases, civil law, and legal affairs bureau.

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